The Bell

Do you see

Her care, the LOVE she spreads 

In midst ADVERSITY she was FACING there – in the photograph – the …

Finding WORDS

to a humble Silke

A still, toiling away her soooo many degrees women in her late 40’s. She speaks NUMEROUS languages, yet the MAIN language she seeked to convey is the one in

the ONE, the Universal requirement to see HUMANITARIANISM as World – Practice to All-that-is.

Namasté – that “level” in where we LEVEL among each other as EQUAL, yet superb in our mutual synchronicity of DIVERSITY, seeing our needs & requirements fulfilled by simple LISTEN to our INTUITIVE HEARTS, thus the One GOD / UNIVERSE could direct you to Be YOU at your very Best!
There is NO ONE, literally not one single person on Earth who has the LOVE entrained in the HUMAN C O M P R E H E N S I O N  of what is necessary for anybody to succeed in attaining happiness, like Silke does. 500.
The inquirements on the “Wolf eater of Worlds” dominate in

Are hers to make, see, yet OVERCOME!

500 lives!
Can you see her EXPERTISE in the photograph?

I reckon you cannot. WRITING = TALKING about oneself is the ANTITHESIS of her mere EXISTANCE. Silent then,

How could you know ?

She does NOT agree with my terms of “arrogance”, since she says:
WHO KNOWS ME (see, she does not say “me”) SEES THE WORLD UNDER THE PERSPECTIVE OF L O V E. No Bragg exists in true love!

Her silence, misinterpreted as arrogance by her “mother” who failed miserably in her 13-year-INTEND-to-blame-Silke to INSERT her in the DRAMA-beyond-Dialectic (that’s Silke’s words), or just:

In Uglys (her “mother” she grew up with / step mother) NEED FOR FIGHT! Silke does not FIGHT! Yes, she literally will NEVER fight! Lack of EMOTIONAL overall hug is the World Silke FACED in all her upbringing. LOVE is ALL Silke had in “return” for NOTHING!
No INTEND to learn about her, to LOOK, nor LISTENING to her outspoken QUIET words. Refuting her love, care, wishes & care is all she EVER received ’til

ONCE you all hear The Bell

Phật speaking. Paul spoke.

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